Diversify Biology.


We want the field of biology to be inclusive, to be diverse and to benefit from the known advantages of diverse perspectives. What we learn as biologists impacts everyone, no matter who they are or where they come from. Every human being on this planet is biology, whether they are a scientist or not. Why should the pursuers of the truth of biology not be as diverse as the subject itself? Let’s bioDiversify.

The mission of bio-DIVERSITY is to increase the representation of under-represented professionals in the sciences (minorities, women, LGBTQ+, first-generation students, people with disabilities, low-income), particularly in the fields of the biological sciences. bio-DIVERSITY is a space to showcase the diversity of scientists accomplishing great work in biology. 

The support network for under-represented groups in a particular discipline at any one institution is likely to be small, if it exists at all. Strengthening the broader community through a web-based forum increases the opportunity to find shared experience, mentorship and hopefully helps to mitigate the isolation commonly felt by under-represented students and professionals.

This forum and its networking tools are meant to connect URM professionals in biology across institutions as well as facilitate connections between students, potential mentors and colleagues. To this end, we aim to form synergistic partnerships with diversity organizations and professional societies to promote our shared vision.

bio-DIVERSITY works toward building diversity in the biological sciences in four specific ways:

(1) Building a supportive network for current under-represented students and professionals that focuses on sharing experiences and providing advice for navigating academia

(2) Showcasing research by current under-represented biologists

(3) Supporting under-represented groups’ participation in the biological sciences by providing a forum for sharing educational and research opportunities

(4) Facilitating connections between under-represented students and professionals at local, national and international research conferences


The bio-DIVERSITY Team